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Monday, August 8, 2011

Generic Sertraline VS Branded Zoloft

The branded Zoloft against the generic equivalent  - can they be the same? In terms of effect, the answer is a straight yes. However, if it's all about the drug as a whole, definitely there are some differences between the two.
  • Facts about Zoloft
Zoloft with the generic name Sertraline is a prescription drug manufactured by Pfizer. It is indicated for the symptoms of depression with or without history of mania and also for obsessive-compulsive disorders. It is available as a 50mg tablet.

Zoloft is to be used in precaution with the following:
Hepatic renal insufficiency, electro vascular therapy, unstable epilepsy, pregnancy and lactation and children.

Its side effects usually include:
Nausea, Loose stools, Dyspepsia, Tremor, Dizziness, Insomnia, Somnolence, Dry mouth, Increased sweating and Male sexual dysfunction (ejaculatory delay).

Note: Zoloft should not be taken with MAOIs.

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  •  Zoloft has the same effect as the generic version
The low cost of a generic drug brings hesitation for some consumers. They tend to ask – Is it safe? Is it effective?

Considering the effectiveness, we are confident to give a positive answer. As a general rule, drugs having the same formulation or active constituent, strength and dosage form are considered as comparable. However, there are instances regarding safety.
  • Branded and generic version differences
Not a secret:

Branded products like Zoloft has a higher price compared with the generic types. Generic drug companies cite their products being cheap for three reasons:

1. They do not hire medical representative or salesman to promote their products.

2. Unlike branded medications like Tylenol and other well-known brands, generic drugs are not advertised in television and in other forms of media.

3. A medicine can only be copied by manufacturers once its patent is finished. Once this happens, they do not have to pay the drug discoverer.

Some little secrets:

Not all generic companies offer a quality medicine. Although, we can be sure of the generic products manufactured by reliable companies, such as the United Laboratories or Sandoz, who also produces branded product counterparts, there are some – the local ones in particular who have some very poor standards. They usually use cheap raw materials and lack expertise in drug manufacturing. Suspension products tend to cake faster while tablets and capsules deteriorate so soon even without reaching the expiry period.

So is the branded Zoloft the same as the generic equivalent?